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Ballet DVD Degas: La Petite Danseuse De Degas - Paris Opera Ballet (2011) New book

Clairemarie Osta (The Little Dancer), Dorothée Gilbert (The Etoile Dancer), Mathieu Ganio (The Ballet Master), José Martinez (The Subscription Holder),´Benjamin Pech (The Man in Black).

Paris Opera Ballet Master and choreographer Patrice Bart plunges into the Opera‘s past and brings Degas‘ famous statuette to life. From the rehearsal rooms to the Cabaret du Chat Noir, the ballet conjures up a colourful era and the lively backstage world of a theatre. The creation of La Petite Danseuse de Degas was the fruit of a long process dating back to 1997, when Martine Kahane, Head Curator and Director of the Paris Opera’s cultural department, presented an exhibition on the tutu at the Palais Garnier. Not long after, the Musée d’Orsay contacted her and asked her to work with the Opera costume workshop to restore the tutu adorning Edgar Degas’ famous statue. In the research that followed, she began to wonder about the identity of the model.

Ballet DVD BOX SET: The Art of Ballet - Svetlana Zakharova, Ulyana Lopatkina and many more New book


Etoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet
"Sublime artistry!" - Variety
"Revealing, emotional, and surprising." - Los Angeles Times
Etoiles celebrates the legacy of the famed Paris Opera Ballet by weaving together rehearsals and tour snapshots of classical ballets as well as contemporary works. Celebrated filmmaker Nils Tavernier talks candidly with some of the biggest stars in dance today, who give perspectives on how and why they endure the emotional and physical hardships of the drive to be on stage.

Prima Ballerina
"Breathtaking performances!" - Cleveland Plain Dealer
"A gem...wonderful!" - Ballet-Dance Magazine
A double portrait of two icons of contemporary Russian ballet: Svetlana Zakharova of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and Ulyana Lopatkina from the Mariinsky Theater in Saint Petersburg. Each reveal their own unique style and personality in these extended sequences from classics such as Swan Lake, Shehezradze, Sleeping Beauty, The Legend of Love and many others.

The Dancer
"Anyone interested in ballet will want to see The Dancer." - Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times
Follow the young and gifted Katja Björner through years of intensive training at the Royal Swedish Ballet School as she develops into an international ballet star. Filmed with an eye toward conveying the physical aspects of dancing - the pain, sweat, and tears, as well as the exquisite beauty - The Dancer captures the fierce determination and struggle that goes into the desire to dance at the highest level.

"A jewel of a documentary." - Washington Post
"Dazzling, breathtaking!" - Boston Globe
In the grand tradition of the Ballets Russes comes a portrait of five Russian ballerinas from the Mariinsky Theatre. From Swan Lake to Romeo and Juliet, from the backstage studio to performing on stages around the world, Bertrand Normand captures the sublime beauty of ballet, in all its resplendent glory. Featuring Diana Vishneva, Svetlana Zakharova, Ulyana Lopatkina, Alina Somova and Evgenia Obraztsova.

Ballet DVD Symphonie Fantastique - Royal Danish Ballet 1948, Erik Bruhn, Henning Kronstam New book

A blast from the Past - Former Ballet Master Niels Bjørn Larsen was an early adapter of filming ballet productions for documentation and class purposes. This is the reason why we now can enjoy a true gem, The RDB filmed in 1948 in Massine's "Symphony Fantastique". It does not look like the stage production as the dancers are in practice clothes (the educational purpose!) but it documents not only a major Massine work, but also gives an impression of the Danish ballet pre-Vera Volkova and there is much to be impressed by. The large casts includes not only Niels Bjørn Larsen and Mona Wangsaa as the central protagonist, but the corps also includes the young Eric Bruhn, Toni Pihl (Lander) Stanley Williams and a teenaged Henning Kronstam together with the most significants dancers of the Lander period. It is easy to forget that Massine is his heyday was generally viewed as the greatest choreographer in the world, whereas Balanchine was considered more of a niche player. History changed that perception and most Massine ballets are not performed anymore. This gem gives us an idea of his work and although it is philosophically messy, it is an ambitious and well choreographed piece. If more treasures from the trunk of the RDB could be published, it would help us to understand not only the period in RDB history, but also gives us an idea of the taste of the period. If you want to see what Harald Lander 's choreography looked like, some numbers which he choreographed for a Danish movie "Balletten Dancer" is available on Video and DVD. You would have to sit through one hour of a not to good Danish movie, but it does allows you to see dancers like Margot Lander, Else Højgaard, Ulla Poulsen and Børge Ralov, who was the first Danish Apollo. - Eva Kistrup on Danceviewtimes

Ballet DVD Don Quixote - Mariinsky Ballet, Vladimir Ponomarev, Leonid Sarafanov, Olesya Novikova New book

A breath-taking ensemble performance of Marius Petipa's popular Don Quixote, loosely based on Cervantes famous novel, from the world-renowned Mariinsky Ballet. The Mariinsky's top principal male, Leonid Sarafanov gives another virtuosic yet elegant performance as Basilio in this lively and colorful production. Filmed in High-Definition, this film was recorded during the company's successful visit to Vienna in 2006 and is part of Decca's continuing association with this awesome ballet company, joining Swan Lake and the Nutcracker which were released in 2007.

Ballet DVD Romeo and Juliet - Tamara Rojo, Carlos Acost, Royal Ballet (2009) New book

Following his awesome Spartacus DVD on Decca, ballet superstar Carlos Acosta dances as one of the two `starcrossed lovers' in Shakespeare's timeless tragedy - presented in the classic Kenneth MacMillan choreography and beautifully staged by the Royal Ballet. In this perennial favourite, Carlos Acosta dances alongside his regular partner, the Spanish ballerina, Tamara Rojo - a celebrated stage partnership which currently has no equal. The drama of the doomed lovers is set against the ravishing sets and costumes designs of Nicholas Georgiadis. Filmed in High Definition Widescreen

zakharova dvd Ballerina - starring Vishneva, Zakharova, Lopatkina, Somova and Obraztsova (2009) New book

In the grand tradition of the Ballets Russes comes a portrait of five Russian ballerinas from the Mariinsky Theatre. Behind any great ballerina lies the discipline and rigour that comes from decades of training and practice. Superstars like Nijinsky, Baryshnikov and Pavlova established the reputation of Russian dancers as the best in the world. The five dancers profiled in this revealing film are tough, insightful and exceptionally talented; onstage they reveal no hint of the sweat, pain and hard work of the rehearsal studio. From Swan Lake to Romeo and Juliet, from the backstage studio to performing on stages around the world, Ballerina captures the sublime beauty of ballet, in all its resplendent glory. Featuring: Diana Vishneva, Svetlana Zakharova, Ulyana Lopatkina, Alina Somova and Evgenia Obraztsova. This title will be released on July 21, 2009. Pre-order now!

Ballet DVD Cinderella - Paris Opera Ballet (2007) New book

Rudolf Nureyev's colorful, cinematic-dream version of Prokofiev's Cinderella retains the classic Perrault story but sets it in America during the difficult years of the Great Depression in the 1930s and 1940s. Agnes Letestu stars as Cinderella who, living with her alcoholic father, tyrannical stepmother and two spiteful stepsisters, dreams of escape and stardom in Hollywood. After a promising screen-test during which The Film Star, suavely portrayed by Jose Martinez, falls head over heels in love with her, she is fearful that her new-found happiness is too good to be true and will vanish with her youth. Fortunately, her magical protector (in the form of The Producer) and her lover move heaven and earth for a 'happily ever after' ending.

Ballet books The Sleeping Beauty / Alina Cojocaru, Federico Bonelli, The Royal Ballet (2007). New book

Alina Cojocaru and Federico Bonelli in The Royal Ballets acclaimed The Sleeping Beauty.
This production by Monica Mason and Christopher Newton was recorded in 2007 at the Royal Opera House. With Marianela Nunez in the role of the Lilac Fairy, and Genesia Rosato as Carabosse.
The picture quality is excellent. 16:9 widescreen picture format.

Ballet DVD Romeo and Juliet / Galina Ulanova, Leonid Lavrovsky, Bolshoi Ballet (1954) New book

Here is the legendary Galina Ulanova in a historic performance with the Bolshoi Ballet. This a very lush production of the ever popular ballet. Choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky. Orchestra conducted by world famous Gennadi Rozhdestvensky. The film is rich in detail, with lovely interior, fine location work and filled with dramatic power. Ulanova plays an unforgettable Juliet with Yuri Zhdanov as her Romeo. The great ballet is filmed paying great attention to all the values: choreographic, musical and scenic.
In this re-mastered version the narration, that earlier interrupted Prokofiev's score at critical points in the ballet, is eliminated.

Carla Fracci DVD Serata Con Carla Fracci (1973) New book

The title of this DVD "Serata con Carla Fracci" means "An Evening with Carla Fracci". It is a delightful and rare gem that was broadcast on Italian TV in 1973. You can see Carla Fracci dance in classical ballet pieces like The Sleeping Beauty - finale, Romeo and Juliet - balcony scene (the John Cranko version), plus pieces of a traditional private ballet class at the famous La Scala Theatre, with some barre and center.

Ballet DVD Spartacus / Natalia Bessmertnova, Vladimir Vasiliev, Maris Leipa, Nina Timofeyeva, Bolshoi Ballet (1977) New book

In Spartacus the Bolshoi Ballet excels in doing what the Bolshoi is so excellent at: interpret contemporary works whose thematic origins are classic. Vladimir Vasiliev is perfect as Spartacus - dancing with unshakable heroic optimism, exceptional virtuosity and irresistible dynamism. Natalia Bessmertnova, the Bolshoi Ballet's most lyrical and feminine ballerina is seen in one of her finest roles. Yuri Grigorovich’s Spartacus comes into its own here as both ballet and film. The inherent cinematic approach in Grigorovich’s staging of Aram Khachaturian' s score falls perfectly in place. Vladimir Vasiliev dances and acts on a heroic level that is the performance of a lifetime. Marius Liepa matches him on every point magnificently as Crassus. Natalia Bessmertnova and Nina Timofeyeva round out the ballet's great original cast. With its phalanxes confronting the camera head-on and its slow-motion shots of Vasiliev soaring through the sky, the film takes its chances. It is considered one of the best dance films ever made.

Ballet books Swan Lake / Maya Plisetskaya, Nikolai Fadeyechev, Bolshoi Theatre (1957) New book

This Swan Lake is a treasure, a record of a great artist in her prime – Maya Plisetskaya. Swan Lake is probably the best known, best loved of all the classical ballets. Swan Lake tells the timeless tale of redemption through love. For a ballerina the dual role of Odette and Odile is a supreme test. Maya Plisetskaya's melting lyricism and superlative technique make her one of the greatest interpreters of the dual role since the ballet's first production over a century ago. She was passionate as Odette and as Odile she was alluring. Peter Tchaikovsky's score was the first in a triumvirate of great ballets. It is the perfect complement to the imaginative choreography that sets Swan Lake apart from anything that had preceded or has followed it. This production was filmed live at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1957 capturing a great ballerina in her prime is an eternal classic. The prince is danced by Nikolai Fadeyechev.

Ballet books La Fille Mal Gardee (2005) - Royal Ballet. Carlos Acosta, Marianela Nuñez New book

La Fille Mal Gardee (2005) - Royal Ballet. Carlos Acosta, Marianela Nuñez.
A sparkling new recording of Ashton's comedy classic, recorded at the Royal Opera House in 2005. Jonathan Howells is Alain, and David Drew Thomas. Anthony Twiner conducts.

Ballet books Katia et Volodia (1989) New book

French documentary by Dominique Delouche, with English sub-titles, on the the great Russian dancers Maximova and Vasiliev.

Ballet books Giselle. Laetitia Pujol, Nicolas Le Riche, Marie-Agnes Gillot, The Paris Opera Ballet. New book

Giselle. Laetitia Pujol, Nicolas Le Riche, Marie-Agnes Gillot, The Paris Opera Ballet.
Patrice Bart and Eugène Polyakov's staging of the Coralli-Perrot-Petipa version, filmed live at the Paris Opera in 2006.

Ballet books Plisetskaya Dances / Maya Plisetskaya, Bolshoi Ballet (1964) New book

'The film captures the great ballerina at the height of her powers and gives more than a glimpse of what her art was like.' - NY Times.
Maya Plisetskaya, prima ballerina of Moscow's Bolshoi Ballet, is the subject of this documentary. Containing some rare footage of her as a child, it covers the development of her career and shows highlights from some of her greatest roles. Included in this film are scenes from Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Spartacus, The Little Humpbacked Horse, Raymonda, The Stone Flower, Romeo and Juliet, Don Quixote and others.
A fascinating look at a world famous dancer, Plisetskaya Dances chronicles a career which has been little seen in the West, offering some important insights into the Soviet dance world. This film has been the recipient of many international awards.
Narrated In English.
Cast: Vladimir Vasiliev, Dmitri Begak, Yuri Zhdanov, Maris Liepa, Vladimir Tikhonov.

Ballet DVD Anna Karenina / Maya Plisetskaya, Alexander Godunov (1979) New book

Based on Leo Tolstoy's famous novel and choreographed by Maya Plisetskaya to music by Rodion Shchedrin, this film is a vehicle for the extraordinary talents of Mme. Plisetskaya. Co-starring the spectacular Alexander Godunov as Vronsky, Anna Karenina is a completely cinematic rendering of this acclaimed production, which has never before been seen in the United States. Dealing primarily with the psychological elements of the character of Anna, the ballet is a genuinely remarkable work, beautiful and penetrating.

Cast: Anna Karenina: Maya Plisetskaya
Vronsky: Alexander Godunov
Karenin: Vladimir Tihonov
Station Master: Yuri Vladimirov
Choreography: Maya Plisetskaya
Composer: Rodion Shchedrin

DVD Nureyevbooks Firestone Dances: Historic Ballet Performances (1962) New book

For more than thirty years, The Voice of Firestone brought the world's greatest artists into the homes of music lovers. Now, through a special arrangement with the New England Conservatory in Boston, Kultur is proud to make these rare telecasts available.
Among the treasures from the Firestone archives are Rudolf Nureyev's American television solo debut; the legendary team of Jacques D'Amboise and Melissa Hayden; the brilliant Maria Tallchief; Carla Fracci in a rare Pas de Quatre set to the music of Pugni; as well as principal dancers of the Royal Danish Ballet and a performance by the Ballet Espanol Ximenes-Vargas.

Ballet Espanol Ximenes-Vargas: Andalusian Dances
Maria Tallchief: Variations after Degas
Maria Tallchief and Oleg Tupine: Caprice
Rudolph Nureyev: Variation from The Sleeping Beauty
Rudolph Nureyev: Variation from Gayne
Kirsten Simone and Henning Kronstam: Pas de deux from The Sleeping Beauty
Carla Fracci: Variation from Pas de quatre
Jacques D'Amboise and Melissa Hayden: Pas de deux
Jacques D'Amboise and Melissa Hayden: Pas de deux from Don Quixote

Ballet books Giselle. Ludmilla Semenyaka, Valery Anisimov, Nadezhda Gracheva, The Bolshoi Ballet. New book

Giselle. Ludmilla Semenyaka, Valery Anisimov, Nadezhda Gracheva, The Bolshoi Ballet.
A more-or-less complete version of Giselle (the act one Peasant Pas de Deux is omitted), filmed as a mixture of documentary and performance. Semenyaka is filmed at home and in the theatre, with her baby son, preparing for the performance, and receiving congratulations afterwards; and there are occasional shots into the wings during the course of the performance, which was filmed at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1993.

Ballet books Don Quixote. Nina Ananiashvili, Alexei Fadeyechev, Aleksandr Astafiev, Tchaikovsky Perm State Ballet. New book

Don Quixote. Nina Ananiashvili, Alexei Fadeyechev, Aleksandr Astafiev, Tchaikovsky Perm State Ballet.
The Petipa/Gorsky version, revised by various hands, filmed live in Tokyo in 1992.

DVD Swan Lake Swan Lake. Nina Ananiashvili, Alexei Fadeyechev, Tchaikovsky Perm State Ballet (1992) New book

Swan Lake. Nina Ananiashvili, Alexei Fadeyechev, Tchaikovsky Perm State Ballet.
Nikolai Boyarchivov's staging, after Petipa, Ivanov, and Gorsky, filmed live in Tokyo in 1992.

Ballet books Stars of the Russian Ballet / Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya, Vakhtang Chabukiani, Boris Asafiev (1953) New book

We will never see dancers quite like this again. - Clive Barnes.
The first part of this film features Galina Ulanova in excerpts from Tchaikovsky s Swan Lake. Utilizing dazzling special effects, this production takes full advantage of the artistic qualities of the cinema, rather than merely recording the event. This is truly an historical film document, for it is the only extant tape of Ulanova as Odette.
The second part of this three-part ballet film contains a most unusual event, a one-of-a kind sequence in which two of the world s greatest ballerinas, Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya, dance together in a memorable performance of B.V. Asafiev s ballet, The Fountain Of Bakhchisarai. This is the only filmed record of these two great dancers performing together and it provides a unique opportunity to compare their different styles.
The great Russian dancer Vakhtang Chabukiani, is featured in the third part of this film in a performance of B.V. Asafiev's The Flames Of Paris, which is a colorful homage to the French Revolution. This film also features the soloists and ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theatre, and soloists, ballet troupe, choir and orchestra of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Swan Lake
Odette...Galina Ulanova
Odile...Natalia Dudinskaya
Prince...Konstantin Sergeyev

The Fountain Of Bakhchisarai
Maria...Galina Ulanova
Zarema...Maya Plisetskaya
Girzi...Peter Gussiev
Vaclav...Yuri Zhdanov

The Flames Of Paris
Philippe...Vakhtang Chabukiani
Jeanne...M. Gottlieb

Bolshoi DVD La Bayadere - Gabriella Komleva / Kirov Ballet

Here is La Bayadere (The Temple Dancer) a ballet in three acts performed by the company that first brought it to the West. Filmed at the Kirov Theater (on the stage where it was premiered in 1877), La Bayadere stars Gabriella Komleva as the pathetic temple dancer, Nikia; Tatiana Terekhova as Gamzatti, the Rajah s daughter, and Rejen Abdyev as Prince Solor.

Based on an ancient Indian poem, the ballet concerns the love between Nikia and Solor. Solor, unfortunately, is obliged to wed Ganeatti, who murders her rival by sending a basket of flowers hiding a poisonous snake. After Nikia s death, the inconsolable Solor envisions Nikia inviting him to join her in the Kingdom of the Shades. In their final dance together, they manage to find a measure of happiness among the phantoms of other maidens who have died of unrequited love. A piece of history, and a work of art, La Bayadere is quite simply a gem to be savored again and again.

Vaganova Class DVD Vaganova Ballet Classes - Starring: Vaganova Ballet Academy, Director: Altynay Asylmuratova

Vladimir Issaev, Choreographer and Ballet Master proudly presents this first DVD of The Vaganova Ballet Academy, featuring an authentic Vaganova Ballet Class at the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Artistic Director, Mme. Altynay Asylmuratova, formerly prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Ballet (Kirov) introduces the class by highlighting the strong influence that Ballet Mistress Agrippina Vaganova produced in the Dance Method by the greatest dancers in Ballet History. The class is performed in the classroom where Agrippina Vaganova taught and Marius Petipa created his most magnificent ballets.

Bolshoi DVD Swan Lake - Uliana Lopatkina / Mariinsky Ballet

Konstantin Sergeyev's production of the Petipa/Ivanov choreography, filmed live at the Mariinsky Theatre in 2006.

Uliana Lopatkina, Danila Korsuntsev, Ilya Kuznetsov

An abridged version was broadcast on BBC television in the UK: this DVD is of the complete ballet.

Bolshoi DVD Macbeth - Nina Timofeyeva / Bolshoi Ballet

Shakespeare's masterpiece of murder and intrigue in mist-shrouded Scotland is brought to life through dance in this superb production by the Bolshoi ballet, choreographed by Vladimir Vasiliev to a powerful score by composer Kirill Molchanov. Macbeth stars Alexei Fadeyechev in the title role, and Nina Timofeyeva as his unscrupulous consort. Vasiliev has included most of the primary themes of the Shakespeare s drama the meeting with the three witches (the weird sisters who prophesy Macbeth s glory and Banquo s death), the gnawing ambition of Lady Macbeth, the murders of King Duncan and Banquo, and the torment suffered by both Macbeth and his wife after they have completed their bloody climb to the Scottish throne. Vladimir Vasiliev has also elaborated magnificently on several motives that are tailor-made for choreography, while never allowing them to degenerate into mere display: the opening battle between Scottish and Norwegian armies and the banquet scene during which Macbeth defeats Banquo in a competition of strength. These are superb examples of modern ensemble dancing that heighten the dramatic impact of the work as a whole. Vasiliev s major departure from Shakespeare comes at the end of the ballet, when Macbeth, hounded by specters of his victims, is suddenly surrounded by the weird sisters who lure him into their devilish round dance. As their infernal ring draws inward, Macbeth realizes that there is no escape, and dies. Brilliantly danced, and acted with bloodcurdling conviction, Macbeth is superb entertainment for all.

Sizova DVD Sleeping Beauty: The Kirov Ballet / Alla Sizova, Natalia Dudinskaya, Natalia Makarova (1964)

The Kirov Ballet performs Sleeping Beauty, in this classic color motion picture from 1965, based on the original choreography by Marius Petipa. Kirov ballerina Alla Sizova stars as Princess Aurora, the role which made her a legend among dancers. In his review of the film, Clive Barnes called Sizova radiant and delicate, a great ballerina in the first flush of her powers. Yuri Solovyov co-stars as the Prince, Natalia Dudinskaya portrays Carabosse and a young Natalia Makarova has a featured role as Princess Florine.


Aurora: Alla Sizova, Desire: Yujri Solovyov, Carabosse: Natalia Dudinskaya, Princess Florina: Natalia Makarova, Blue Bird: Valeri Panov, Lilac Fairy: Irina Baznenova, The Queen: Olga Zabotkina, The King: Vladimir Ukhov

Ballet on DVD

Giselle - Bolshoi Ballet (1956)

Galina Ulanova
Ballet on DVD

Don Quixote - Bolshoi Ballet (1978)

Nadezhda Pavlova

Ballet on DVD

Stone Flower - Bolshoi Ballet (1979)

Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev
Ballet on DVD

Aniuta - Bolshoi Ballet (1982)

Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev

Ballet on DVD

World's Young Ballet / Moscow International Competition (1975)

Mikhail Baryshnikov, Ludmila Semenyaka
Ballet on DVD

Natasha - Natalia Makarova (1986)

Bolshoi DVD Dmitri Roudnev: Take Ballet Class in Russia

40 combinations including a bonus pointe-work section. Dmitri Roudnev offers you a ballet class in Russia with Madame Samoylova of the Lediah Ballet Academy of Russia, a certified extension of the Bolshoi School. Step into the studio to see the complete barre and center work of three, fourteen year old students in a Level 5 Vaganova Method ballet class. Features include emphasis on accents - the Russian secret for sharp footwork at the barre, epaulment, and many center jump combinations. This dvd features the music of Roudnev's VOL VIII CD, which Roudnev recorded in Russia.

Bolshoi DVD Partnering Secrets: Dmitri Roudnev

Dmitri Roudnev gives insight to the years of partnering training he received at the famed Bolshoi school and company in Russia. Roudnev carefully breaks down each step including body placement coaching for females. This video features extreme close-ups of the hand technique for males. Beginners: Before you take your first partnering class build confidence. Advanced and professional dancers: Roudnev will show you technically how to never miss a lift again. Teachers: Learn how to correctly teach partnering to male and female students. Includes: placement review, pirouettes, finger and whip turns, sit lifts, arabesque press, and overhead lifts.

Bolshoi DVD Ballets Russes

Part history, part love letter, Ballets Russes may be the most purely delightful documentary in years. The movie follows the birth of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in the early 1930s, an event that eventually led--after years of exhilarating experiments, bitter artistic battles, and exhausting tours--to the establishment of modern ballet around the world. Ballet Russes combines astonishing film footage of fantastical ballets (featuring extravagant sets designed by Salvador Dali and costumes by Henri Matisse) and interviews with surviving dancers in their 70s, 80s, and 90s (ranging from Dame Alicia Markova, who was a prima ballerina with the original Ballet Russe under impresario Sergei Diaghilev, to Yvonne Craig, who went on to become Batgirl in the '60s tv show Batman); the result is a breathtaking range of scholarship and depth of feeling. The heart of the film is the dancers themselves, who are sly, thoughtful, gossipy, and amazingly youthful in spirit--even the most difficult times are discussed with humor and honesty. Ballet fans will find this an essential document, while anyone who's never even thought of going to ballet will be completely caught up in these dancers' passion and wonder. A beautiful, entrancing movie.

Bolshoi DVD Tony Palmer's Film About Margot Fonteyn

Margot Fonteyn was the greatest dancer England has ever produced. In her life she transcended the world of dance and became a tabloid darling second to none, a true celebrity. And when, already in her forties, Fonteyn teamed up with Rudolf Nureyev, their astonishing union created one of the most brilliant and magical partnerships in all of ballet history. Their artistic and sexual chemistry electrified all those who were lucky enough to watch them perform. But her remarkable talent and façade of fastidious primness masked a dark torrent within. Fonteyn’s life was the stuff of unimaginable fiction: taken as an underage mistress; married to a Panamanian Ambassador; involved in an attempted coup; the lover of innumerable, often homosexual, public figures; a cultural icon of the swinging sixties; betrayed by her husband’s family, and, above all, a dancer of extraordinary physical eloquence and purity – all culminating in this fragile beauty dying a penniless, lonely recluse. This gripping film uncovers a mountain of archive footage, including memorable performances with Nureyev, and meetings with those who danced with her, knew her, and loved her.

Giselle Svetlana Zakharova DVD Giselle / Svetlana Zakharova, Roberto Bolle

Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 2005
Svetlana Zakharova (Giselle)
Roberto Bolle (Albrecht)
Vittorio D’Amato (Hilarion)
Sophie Sarrote (A peasant)
Antonino Sutera (A peasant)
Marta Romagna (Mirta)
Orchestra e Corpo di Ballo del Teatro alla Scala

Release date: July 25 2006

La Sylphide DVD Balanchine - Jewels / Aurelie Dupont, Alessio Carbone, Marie-Agnes Gillot, Agnes Letestu, Jean-Guillaume Bart, Clairemarie Osta, Kader Belarbi, Paris Opera Ballet

George Balanchine's 1967 masterpiece, a triptych of three abstract ballets to music by Fauré, Stravinsky, and Tchaikovsky, with a stellar cast including Aurélie Dupont, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Agnès Letestu, Clairemarie Osta, Laëtitia Pujol, Jean-Guillaume Bart, Kader Belarbi, and Mathie Ganio. Also included on the DVD is an hour-long documentary, George Balanchine Forever, featuring interviews with Brigitte Lefère, designer Christian Lacroix, Chairman of the Balanchine Foundation Barbara Horgan, and dancers from the production of Jewels.

DVD Napoli / Royal Danish Ballet, Arne Villumsen, Linda Hindberg

The dramatic tradition of the remarkable dancer and choreographer, August Bournonville, is the keystone of the continuing excellence of the Royal Danish Ballet, and Napoli is his happiest masterpiece. Persuaded by his friend Hans Christian Andersen to travel to Italy, Bournonville was inspired by his stay in Naples to create this romantic ballet, which tells the story of the young fisherman Gennaro and his beloved Teresina.
From The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen; The Royal Danish Ballet. Music By E Helsted, G Rossini, Niels W Gade, H S Paulli, H C Lumbye. Gennaro, a fisherman: Arne Villumsen. Veronica, a widow: Mona Jensen. Teresina, her daughter: Linda Hindberg. Fra Ambrosio, a monk: Tommy Frishøi. Giacomo, a macaroni seller: Fredbjørn Bjørnson. Peppo, a lemonade seller: Flemming Ryberg. Giovanina: Annemarie Dybdal. Pascarillo, a street singer: Michael Bastian.

La Sylphide DVD La Sylphide - Royal Danish Ballet

From The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen with The Royal Danish Ballet. When Lis Jeppesen - the Sylphide of our time - in diaphanous white costume and with shining wings, dances for the Scottish farmer James, whom she has entranced with her love and beauty, we are witnessing the first scene of the most famous and enduring ballet by August Bournonville. The great Danish choreographer and former dancer (he had partnered Marie Taglioni) created La Sylphide for the Royal Danish Ballet in 1836. Of all his surviving ballets it is the oldest and most widely performed. The Royal Danish Ballet rightly regards its interpretations of the Bournonville classics as being in the purest and most faithfully maintained tradition. Lis Jeppesen dances the lead role of La Sylphide, a role which demands lyrical interpretation as well as superb technique. Equal expressiveness and faultless dancing are required of James, here performed by Nikolaj Hübbe. Sorella Englund is the brilliant interpreter of the role of Madge, the witch and fortune-teller, whose rejection by James leads her to seek dreadful revenge on him, with tragic consequences. Gurn: Morten Munksdorf, Effy: Ann-Kristin Hauge, Anna: Kirsten Simone, Nancy: Anne-Marie Vessel.

Ballet DVD DVD: The Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet

Now on DVD! The essential video dictionary of all classical ballet movements performed by some of the greatest names in American Ballet. Teachers and students alike find the Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet the most innovative and dynamic tool ever developed for learning and studying the movements of ballet. 4 1/2 hours on two DVDs, this set includes over 800 variations in Russian, French, and Cecchetti styles. Many of the movements are shown in slow motion with multiple camera angles and voice-over narrative description. This engaging program demonstrates the complete language of ballet:Positions and Directions • Barre • Linking Steps • Center Practice • Pirouettes • Adage • Allegro • Batterie • Pointe • Musical Enchainements. For easy reference, a printed index of all the movements and variations performed is included. This comprehensive guide is demonstrated by four of the most outstanding figures in American Ballet: • Kevin McKenzie (Artistic Director of American Ballet Theatre, former principal dancer, ABT) • Georgina Parkinson (Ballet Mistress of ABT; former principal dancer, Royal Ballet) • Merrill Ashley (former principal dancer, New York City Ballet) • Denise Jackson (former principal dancer, Joffrey Ballet)

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