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The Ballerina Gallery

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Russian ballet and dancers:

Maximova & Vasiliev at the Bolshoi
by Roberta Lazzarini

The Bolshoi Ballet
by Judy Cameron

A Bolshoi ballerina, Natalia Bessmertnova
by A. Demidov

Natalia Bessmertnova
by Mira

Bolshoi's Young Dancers
by Bolshoi Theatre Ballet

The Bolshoi Ballet School
Student Life in the World' Most Prestigious Dance School
by Sophia N. Golovkina

The Bolshoi Theatre: History, Opera, Ballet
by A. Lushin

Official Bolshoi Ballet Book of Swan Lake
by Yuri Grigorovich and Demidov

Days With Ulanova
An Intimate Portrait of the Legendary Russian Ballerina
by Albert E. Kahn

The Russian Ballet on Tour
by Alexander Orloff, Willis Margaret E.

Anna Pavlova: Her Life and Art
by Keith Money

Pavlova: Reportoiare of a Legend
by Roberta Lazzarini

by Kapterova

Choura: The Memoirs of Alexandra Danilova
by Alexandra Danilova

Leningrad's ballet: Maryinsky to Kirov
by John Gregory

British ballet and dancers:

The Royal Ballet today
by Keith Money

The Royal Ballet: The First Fifty Years
by Alexander Bland

A camera at the ballet:
Pioneer dancers of the Royal Ballet by Gordon Anthony

The Sadler's Wells Ballet: A History and an Appreciation
by Mary Clarke

The Royal Ballet at Covent Garden.
Text by David Vaughan. Photographs by Leslie E. Spatt.

Portrait of the Royal Ballet
by Anthony Crickmay (Photographer)

by Anthony Crickmay

Margot Fonteyn: Autobiography
by Margot Fonteyn

Antoinette Sibley
by Anthony Crickmay

Antoinette Sibley
by Leslie E. Spatt

Antoinette Sibley - Reflection of a Ballerina
by Barbara Newman

Sibley & Dowell
by Leslie E. Spatt

Merle Park
by Anthony Crickmay

Margot Fonteyn
by Anthony Crickmay

by Maurice Leonard

Markova remembers
by Alicia Markova

Other ballet and dancers:

Karen Kain: Movement Never Lies: An Autobiography
by Karen Kain

Dancing on My Grave
by Gelsey Kirkland

The Shape of Love
by Gelsey Kirkland

Romeo & Juliet: The Love Story in Dance
With Angel Corella and Paloma Herrera
by Nancy Ellison

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