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Ballet Books Round About The Ballet

Round About The Ballet is a beautiful full color coffeetable book featuring photos by renowned dance photographer Roy Round and profile/interviews by dance writer Joseph Carman. The New York Times dance critic Jennifer Dunning has contributed the introduction, and publisher William Cubberley is producer of this exquisite book. Eight major artists from American Ballet Theatre and seven from New York City Ballet are revealed in Roy Round's breathtaking photos and Joseph Carman's fascinating and very personal interviews. They are: Maxim Beloserkovsky, Angel Corella, Irina Dvorovenko, Albert Evans, Marcelo Gomes, Nikolaj Hubbe, Julie Kent, Maria Kowroski, Vladimir Malakhov, Benjamin Millepied, Gillian Murphy, Jenifer Ringer, Jennie Somogyi, Ethan Stiefel and Wendy Whelan.

Ballet Books Getting Closer: A Dancer's Perspective by Rosalie O'Connor

Former American Ballet Theatre dancer Rosalie O'Connor gives us an intimate look at one of America's greatest dance companies, a glimpse of unforgettable moments both behind the curtain and onstage during her 15 years with the company. O'Connor's black-and-white images capture the emotions of dancers and choreographers at their most unguarded - intense, vulnerable, exhilarated, and exhausted. Because of her position with the company, O'Connor had unlimited access to her colleagues and an unrestricted view from the wings. Her photos record the dancers' rigorous daily routines in rehearsal studios and their pre-performance preparations. The images reflect the trust and familiarity between O'Connor and her fellow dancers. And they catch breath-taking moments in performance as a dancer attains the height of a leap or executes a perfect arabesque. This book documents the company from 1996 to 2002. O'Connor provides the story behind each photo and quotes from the dancers themselves. Dance luminaries also offer brief comments and insights: Natalia Makarova on how she passes on the tradition of classical ballet through coaching; Mark Morris about his approach to restaging his own work; Susan Jaffe on the final bow of her career; and Alessandra Ferri on dancing opposite Julio Bocca's Romeo.

Ballet Books Pure Dance: Photographs of the Stuttgart Ballet by Dieter Blum

Here is a collection of dance photographs unlike any other. In a series of breathtakingly beautiful pictures taken over a period of five years, Dieter Blum focuses his astute camera on 37 of the 53 dancers in the world-renowned Stuttgart Ballet to explore the sculptural aspects of this exquisitely schooled human form; its strength, suppleness, discipline, mystery and possibilities for movement. Because all of the dancers are photographed in the nude, Blum succeeds in capturing the dynamic movement, musicality, and magic of these classically trained dance artists. Each photograph becomes a distilled, evocative frozen fragment of an art form that by its nature is fleeting and ephemeral.

Ballet books
The Royal Ballet in House by Bill Cooper (Photographer)

A large format book, containing 200 pages of beautiful full colour photographs of The Royal Ballet. Dancers pictured include Carlos Acosta, Leanne Benjamin, Roberto Bolle, Deborah Bull, Darcey Bussell, Alina Cojocaru, Jonathan Cope, Angel Corella, Sylvie Guillem, Johan Kobborg, Irek Mukhamedov, Marianela Nunez, Johan Persson, Ivan Putrov, Nicolas Le Riche, Tamara Rojo, Bruce Sansom, Ethan Stiefel, Jaimie Tapper, Sarah Wildor, Inaki Urlezaga, Zenaida Yanowsky, and Miyako Yoshida.

Ballet books
Royal Ballet: 161 Photos by Johan Persson (Photographer)

Johan Persson was a principal with the Royal Ballet until a knee injury ended his dancing career. A talented photographer, Johan turned to his camera to combine his two loves-dance and photography. Focusing on his colleagues and friends as they rehearse, relax and perform, he has created an intimate and elegant portrait of the internationally renowned company at work during the 2002-03 season. Includes Alina Cojocaru, Darcey Bussell, Tamara Rojo and many others.

Ballet books
Tutu, Gift Edition by Greg Burnett

The strength, vulnerability, grace, and beauty that dancers achieve, seemingly without effort, is vividly illustrated in this photographic record of the Australian Ballet. The 160 black-and-white photographs show the company liberated from the formal restraint of the performance, celebrating the essence of the human body in moments of flight and repose. Captured in these images are energy, drama, the balance between physical capability and artistic expression, and, most of all, the beauty of the human form. The photographs demonstrate the intricacies of the human body and the limits to which it can be pushed.

Ballet books
Airborne: The New Dance Photography of Lois Greenfield

Lois Greenfield is uniquely adept at capturing the vibrancy and joy of dance. Part choreographer, part photographer, she does more than seize dancers in motion in her images--they seem to define the essence of movement itself. In this book, she has categorized her dancers as either earthbound or airborne, and it is hard to decide which images are more exhilarating. In the first set, a shot of a dancer taken the moment her toes hit the ground, with her body and filmy skirt still very much aloft, captures the fleeting experience of the transition. A dancer changes form beneath her stretchy curtain of a costume, seemingly grappling with gravity itself. Another is earthbound as she leaps up with an elongated tights leg pinned to the ground and anchoring her from below. Groups of dancers commingle, Pilobolus-style, and reshape the scope of human form. In the air, Greenfield's subjects fly, merge, and collide in a symphony of shapes that she somehow, unbelievably, captures on film.

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